A bracelet that spells 'JEG ELSKER DEG` in Morse Code dots and dashes.



JEG ELSKER DEG=.--- . --. / . .-.. ... -.- . .-. / -.. . --.



Morse Code is a system in which letters & numbers are represented by dots and dashes. Your bracelet will be created using the same system.


 It makes a delicate and unusual gift that is sure to be appreciated.



Comes with a gold/ silver foil card  in a small beautiful packing. 



If you want to custom your own bracelet: https://www.elinebang.com/product-page/custom-morse-code-bracelet


kr269.00 Regular Price
kr188.30Sale Price
  • Lenght: 15,5-18,5

    Made from:
    Silk cord and sterling silver or 14 k gold-filled


    Due to the delicate nature of the natural silk fibres used to make these silk bracelets, they will wear over time. They are however very strong and can last years if looked after well. Bracelets that are worn in the shower etc will wear quicker due to the silk fibres weakening when wet. I offer a 6 month warrenty on bracelets that become faulty within this time. Please message me with any problems and I will do my best to resolve any issues. Thank you!

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