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Do you want to become a dealer?

Feel free to contact me at

Did the little card come with all the jewelry?

Yes it does. All the jewelery is packed in a nice little bag with a card inside.

How to care for the jewellery?

Strongly recommend avoiding lotion, hairspray and other cosmetics from coming into contact with your jewelry. Do not wear your jewelry while sleeping and playing sports. Remember to avoid exposing your jewelery to water, salt, sun, chlorine and other chemicals. Store your jewelery in a dry room (jewellery box), never in the bathroom. But be aware that the plating wears off over time. This is normal and not a reason for a claim.

Where do you buy the jewelry parts and beads from?

I'm glad you like my jewelry, but unfortunately that information is not something I share. I have spent many years looking for suppliers I trust. If you like my products, please don't copy them, buy them from me and support a small business.

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